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Next-Gen Integrated Cybersecurity in One Platform!

Why take time out of your schedule to listen to all of the pitches, dog and pony shows, etc of the big brands, when we have already done that for you? We have assembled the top cybersecurity tools into one integrated platform which is easy for you to assess, install and support.

Your Key to Cybersecurity and Peace of Mind!

We understand Cybersecurity because we have been in the space since inception at the DOD level. We have seen the evolution of networking, tools, firewalls and scanners. We have also seen the number of breaches climb in quantity and severity every year. Your customers expect you to keep their data safe. A breach can destroy a company's reputation and cost several million of dollars to repair.

The key to cybersecurity is understanding the technologies, threat actors and threat vectors, then addressing them in a systematic way to reduce the threat.

Urgent Need for Resilient Fast Secure Global Connections requires a new technology

COVID-19 ushered in a new paradigm related to connections

  1. More endpoints due to employees working from home

  2. More connections for the global workforce traveling

  3. More opportunities for threat actors to penetrate the corporate network

New problems require new solutions, unfortunately networking technology hasn't changed in 50 years! We have partnered with companies that have been at the forefront of next-gen network advancements. We witnessed Gartner create a new category to identify this new paradigm when they release the SASE white paper in August of 2019. This was in response to their evaluation of one of our partners products. Adoption and migration has been slow, but 2023 is a year that will see a huge expansion in SASE Implementations.

Our Services

We set out to assess and implement the best most essential cybersecurity tools in the marketplace into one integrated platform. We understand how all of the pieces fit together, even the new ones.


Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

We remotely scan for all of your exposed network endpoints, then run a report producing a dashboard indicating total financial risk as well as all PII, network, and endpoints, which correlates directly to the NIST 800-53 framework and the entire Mitre attack framework, all 4,700 endpoints mapped directly to your endpoints.


Cloud Orchestration

We automate and orchestrate the movement of environments and data between on-prem and cloud or cloud to cloud. This will build the terraform scripts and execute them automatically. The tool will show complete cloud cost for the entire infrastructure in one dashboard. You will be able to compare cloud to cloud before you deploy. Put up and take down capability for clouds at-will and monitors all deployments at once.


Ghost Networking

We have integrated security overwatch for a true SASE, where we monitor and block intrusion. True Mutual TLS. We make the ports invisible. No open ports! Accelerated, charded encryption headers, smaller, self-healing, high-speed, operates at line-speed. Robust API that will link with other products. You can use any Chrome browser as a secure endpoint, you don't need a client.


Data Breach/



True global immutable file system that can use any data store or storage. Multi-factor charded encryption. Phipps 140-2, 140-3 compliant with a true mesh topology. Link cloud and on-prem storage into a mesh topology for storage.


Vulnerability Management Detection and Response

Persistent data breach/intrusion detection with full pattern of life monitoring.


Zero Trust Networking

Allows any agency to pass and attest to a GAO audit and satisfy NIST 800-207 related to zero trust.


Corporate Productivity Apps

We develop secure productivity apps for organizations and teams to collaborate and communicate for more effective outcomes integrating all of the various tools through API.



We recruit staff to complete complex projects for the most demanding customers and the largest brands on the planet. We can do the same for you which could require a Network Engineer, Analyst, Cybersecurity Engineer, CTO, CIO or an AI Engineer.

About Us

We bring a federal cybersecurity approach to the commercial sector because this approach is the most stringent

When it comes to products, Federal and DOD are the tip of the spear concerning criticality. If it is good enough for DOD then it is good enough for the Financial sector. If it is good enough for the Financial sector then it is good enough for the Commercial sector.

Many of our tools are either currently used by federal customers or they were developed for federal customers.

Cybersecurity is not to be taken lightly, our experienced team of engineers, technicians and installers have served the largest brands on the planet, improving their security posture and reducing their threat vector.

Our Mission

Our mission is very simple, we assess and implement the best tools available to keep you off of the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to select and implement critical cyber tools to keep your employees and shareholders safe. Technology selection should be more than a dog and pony show with the brands that spend the most on advertising. It is the result of a painstaking assessment of each tool and how it impacts the others. The result is an effective and synthesized product that works fluidly through each environment and is easy to implement.

Our Promise

We select the best solutions regardless of brand so that you are protected. This is a result of decades of experience solving the same problems in the federal and DOD space. We reserve the right to assess and replace tools as the marketplace evolves and threat actors respond to new technology.

Our Guarantee

We will always equip your organization with the latest and greatest technology to reduce your threat vector thus reducing the opportunity for breach and compromise.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Isn't it safer to select the biggest brand?

The adage is that you don't get fired for hiring the big brands. This may be true initially but the big brands are being hacked incessantly, so this approach is flawed. Big brands are big because they spend the most on advertising and have a history of success. When implementing new technology, the playing field is relatively level, with new companies entering the market daily. Sometimes we do select the large brands, other times we select the best technology that will become a large brand tomorrow. We have seen customers select the biggest brand, only to find out later that they did not have the required technology in-house.


How do I know if I am really protected?

We provide a cyber risk analysis scan before and after which correlates to the the NIST-800-53 framework and the entire Mitre attack framework, all 4,700 endpoints mapped directly to their endpoints. It is a subscription so you can continue to run it as frequently as needed, risks will show up on your dashboard. Not only does this show you what you need to fix, it will help you retain cyber insurance and reduce your premium.


Can you prove that man-in-the-middle is a threat?

I can't show you the wind but I can prove that the wind is there because of it's impact on our environment. In the same way, we read every week about cyber attacks, ransomeware and data breaches, each one more severe than the prior one. The adversaries are breaching the network, the evidence is there. This is why we begin our remediation by upgrading to a true SASE Network with Zero Trust Networking features.


If I use the tools that everyone else uses, does that make me safer?

The answer is 'Maybe'. Contrary to this line of thinking, using the big brand tools could make you more of a target because the adversaries know the make and model of the safe that they are trying to crack. For example, PCs were the favorite target for viruses because they represented 95% of the market and Macs only 5% in the 1990's. As Macs have risen to 17% of operating systems today, viruses are now being written to target them, as they are a wide enough target to be worth the effort. We do not advertise our tools because we want to keep the adversary guessing. If the breach is too challenging they will look for a more vulnerable target to be their next victim.

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We know that you may have questions, feel free to book an intro call to discuss your specific use case, goals, needs and budget.

We have worked with large brands in commercial, professional sports, financial industry, state/local government, federal government and DOD.

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