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Let's face it. IT Engineering can be a puzzle with too many pieces.

We'll put the pieces together.

That's what we do.

Black Puzzle Pieces

Who we are

- Privately-held IT Engineering firm headquartered in Atlanta, GA

- Designed and integrated over 30,000 SMB, mid-market and enterprise-level voice and data networks onto carrier WAN environments.

- Act as an independent engineering consulting firm in the evaluation and design of business networking and communication solutions.

- Leverage products and services from over 75 carriers, 150 data centers and 250 CPE manufacturers on a global footprint.

- Focus on bringing engineering excellence to customer solutions instead of representing a particular brand.

- Enable clients to fine tune their technology strategy ensuring solutions built with best-in-class technologies.


- Design solutions that ensure business critical applications are available, prioritized, hardened and secured.

- Equip enterprise customer to transform existing environments into a more efficient hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Cyberswitch Technologies is an IT Engineering firm headquartered in Atlanta, GA.  We play a unique role in the industry. We are independent advisors who can freely offer multiple technology and telecommunications solutions.  We leverage our relationships with over 75 carriers, 150 data centers, and 250 CPE manufacturers globally to deliver the right product or service without bias or pre-existing procurement arrangements.

- Determine the scope of the project

- Research the Solutions

- Design the Solutions and Align Carrier Resources

- Collaborate with Carriers for Pricing and Resources

- Compare Quotes

- Manage the Carriers

Services Provided

- Engineering Consulting (Hourly Rate and Stipulated Sum)

- Engineering and Pre-Sale Sales Support

  • MPLS/Data Networks

  • Cloud Servers

  • Data Center

  • Private/Public Cloud

  • Telephony

  • Mobility

- Current Technology Solution/Bill Analysis

- Future Generation Hosted PBX Solutions

- WAN/LAN Security Assessment/Penetration Testing

- Endpoint Monitoring

  • CPE

  • Mobility

- Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

- Cybersecurity Assessments


- Vulnerability Management

- Advanced Networking/SDWN/SASE/Zero Trust Networks

- IT Infrastructure

- Cloud Storage

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