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- Emergency sanitization of hard and soft surfaces in response to COVID-19 outbreak

- Experienced in best-practice treatment for large commercial facilities with EPA approved anti-microbial solution per CDC guidance in treating airborne pathogens

- Hypochlorous acid historically effective with 99.9999% kill ratio on pathogens

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Nature's germ killer


- Two step patented treatment immediately sanitizes then adheres to surfaces and remains effective for up to 30 days

- Spray mist delivery of solution at 500ppm allows greater coverage behind and around objects

- Technicians trained in emergency response and use respirators certified for Level C PPA as defined by NIOSH and OSHA

- Resourced and ready to respond in an emergency to treat buildings, offices, ships and schools

- Strong past performance in commercial market

- QRT(Quick Reponse Team) can be anywhere in the continental US in 1-2 days

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